Plight of the Traveller

Lartons "Saviors"
Fighting Demons and Locals

After deciding to work together to earn a bit of extra cash, our “heros” decide to sort out a creature infestation that the miners were having at Larton. The group first went to the local who posted the job, an old wizard named Aubry Wisnan who employed the adventurers to kill the creatures known as Quasits and retrieve him their horns. Not knowing what they were getting into, the party eagerly accepted and set out to the mine to deal with the beasts. They quickly found that hunting Quasits was far more dangerous than orginally thought.
After defeating a large group of the being, they took a moment to catch their breath before noticing that the supposed cavern they were in was attached to some sort of structure. They noticed that the structured room had a permanent prestidigitation spell cast on it and decided to explore further. They then seemed to stumble upon a some sort or discussion between a spinned devil, and a humanoid. The humanoid noticed the party and grabbed some sort of black orb before vanishing into a small portal, after which the portal too vanished. Leaving the party to fend off the remaining beast.

The group defeated their foe swiftly, and proceeded to scavange what they could from the beast, and the structure. They came across a few magical items and decided to return to Aubry for some well deserved money, and more importantly, answers.
After recieving their payment, they swiftly began buying more magical items from the crazy old man and two of them struck a deal with him. In return for an egg and a mechanical wonder, they were allowed draw cards from a mysterious deck of cards that the old man possessed. Luckily, this seemed to work in the favour of the group, although it seemed to alter the mind of one of our heros, they also came into ownership of a keep.

Our heros then went back to the Tricksters Tavern and promptly started some fights. And after a long day of fending off a hoard of demons, 2 of the party fell to the small gnome barmaid. After waking up from being knocked out, they licked their wounds and rested for a few days before heading out to their new keep to rid it of the monsters that currently inhabited it.

On their travels they came across a helpful merchant named Losepount Templemountain who sold them a tent that they wouldnt have to sleep in the cold. Once the group heard the name of the man, they relised that they had picked up a job from him earlier in Larton. They agreed to meet back with him in a week to discuss the particulars, and continued on their way to their new home.


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